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Synapse Medical are the leading provider of Endovascular Medical Devices in Ireland. Their division spans a full portfolio that focuses on Interventional, Peripheral and Vascular procedures. The portfolio spans a broad spectrum of specialities to include: Peripheral Stents Systems, Drug Eluting Balloons, PTA Balloons, Guidewires, Microcatheters, Embolisation portfolio, Vascular Access Portfolio, Visco Fluid, Vertebroplasty, EVLT Laser consoles, Interventional Oncology Ablation Systems. 

Working closely with global leading manufacturers such as Angio Dynamics, Galil Medical, Bentley, and Veniti, we ensure the provision of high quality products and bespoke solutions for all our customer needs. It is our dedicated experienced personnel that can provide extensive clinical support, education and training to healthcare professionals on a daily basis; something that can only be provided by people who have such close familiarity with working in a hospital environment.

For more information on our Endovascular Solutions, or if you require advice or assistance, please don’t hesitate get in contact and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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